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So you make it nice for your partner. Massage is not just treatment for aching muscles and stiff joints. It is also pleasure, relaxation, pleasure. Erotic massage. Our tips about massage gives fredagsmys a new dimension.

Enjoyment doing good, the endorphins running high and both body and mind feel good.

The erotic focus the massage becomes a wonderful addition in the relationship. Just the feeling that your partner with life and desire to give you pleasure goes a long way to keep life and joy in the relationship.

Surprise your partner with Friday's mys.

light a aromatic candles, fill up a glass of mousseradne wine and festive treat on a sensual massage that'll be forgotten.

If done in a good way. Take to you our tips, but remember that feeling and respect is more important than technology and instruction. And was not ego, enjoy together and remember that it takes two for a good dance.

Think about what this little piece of text (found online) or tips says (in English it sounds better that way):

"He whispered to me in the darkness as we lay together: ' Tell Me where to touch you so that I can drive you insane,

tell Me where to touch you to give you ultimate pleasure, tell Me where to touch you so that we will truly own each other.

And I kissed Him softly and whispered back: ' Touch my mind. "

Here are the tips:

Tip 1 • Unctuous. Get a scented oil. At the Pharmacy and in some specialty shops, custom massage oils of different kinds, but it also goes well with ordinary pretty runny oily skin cream or similar that you and your partner likes.

Tip 2 • Mys. Dim the lights, put on some nice music and make sure that nothing disturbs you during the massage. Turn off the cell phone!

Tip 3 • comfort. Make sure your partner is comfortable and soft, initially in the stomach. Arranging pillows and perhaps a towel so that it feels comfortable. Use the bed, someone special massage table is not needed for this massage.

Tip 5 • Soft or hard. Check with your partner what he or she likes best, soft or harder massage. One can vary too, start with the softer and when the partner is prepared for it, turn to a little firmer and perhaps harder massage movements.

Tip 6 • foot massage. Keep in mind that while the hands and feet, yes the whole body, can be highly erogenous zones. Don't forget the head and face but was a little wary of oil there. Why not start with hand massage. And maybe a little foot massage.

Tip 7 • Softly and slowly. Take it easy and focus on slow and smooth movements. To enjoy the exotic massage and get to experience the blend of relaxation and excitement as the massage means, one should not go too fast.

Tip 8 • interface. Look your partner in the eye. Not all the time, but make sure that the plug is in between is not broken. It increases the tension. You also need to know that your partner is on what you do and want to do.

TIP 9 • the whole body. Don't be afraid to use your whole body when you give a massage. It must not be just your hands.

10 TIPS • talk about what you feel. Talk. It feels good, relaxing, exciting? Let your partner know what you feel. And that you love him/her. It can increase the sensual excitement more than you can achieve with your hands.


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